October 10/13/2010
I LOVE the fall! What is your favorite thing to DO during the fall months?

I know I am asking you to pick one, but I just love fall so much I have two! I love going to football games. I use to be a cheerleader in high school so I miss the Friday nights under the lights. I also love to hike and see all of the beautiful tree leaves change.


Aaron Fegely

Wed, 13 Oct 2010 14:14:24

I like trick-or-treating because I like getting candy and dressing up.That is what I like about fall.


Skye conners

Wed, 13 Oct 2010 19:08:52

I love fall beacuse of all the beautiful leaves change there colors. I love to jump in the leaves leaves.I love to play with the leaves.I like to pick off the leaves from the tree by I know it is not go for the tree.I like to play with my frineds int he fall


Ekomobong Inyang

Thu, 14 Oct 2010 14:55:41

I love Fall because of the just right weather.I don't think the weather will be great this year because most of the time it feels hot outside. All the nuts in my backyard are falling. Since the nuts are falling I can play nut toss.Nut toss-see who can throw the nuts the farthest.



Thu, 14 Oct 2010 16:10:43

I love it when the leaves change color and I like to pile up the leaves and junp in them



Fri, 15 Oct 2010 16:50:36

I love fall because I like to see the colors change on the trees and it's pretty. I like catching leaves when they fall down from the trees.



Fri, 15 Oct 2010 18:23:20

I love to jump in the laves



Sat, 16 Oct 2010 11:35:35

i like to rake leaves,ride my bike,and i'm exited to have campfires at my new house.


Virginia Ball

Sat, 16 Oct 2010 14:36:36

The fall is my favorite season.I like to rake the leaves with my family,I also like to jump in the leaves with my sister we have so much fun.



Sun, 17 Oct 2010 15:41:55

The thing I like about fall is taking walk. Also I like playing in my backyard in fall.


Ella Rowe

Sun, 17 Oct 2010 15:55:53

I have alot but my most favorite is faking leaves and then jumping in them!



Sun, 17 Oct 2010 17:31:16

I like to make leaf pile. Just to let you now never hid in a laef pile!


tyler coble

Fri, 22 Oct 2010 15:49:19

I like fall because the leaves are colorful like at my grandma and popop's house. They have many different colors of leaves and I like making leaf piles. You get to jump into leaf piles and you get to hide in them. One time at my dad's house I made a leaf pile and my dad always has a football I like this game when I run I jump and my dad throws the ball and I catch the ball and I fall into the leaf pile. I like that game.


Larisa Samryk

Sun, 24 Oct 2010 10:22:52

The thing I like the most about fall is playing outside because its not to hot and its not to cold.



Mon, 25 Oct 2010 06:44:22

I like to brack sticks and use the sharp part to clean up leaves.


Lydia Hargan

Mon, 25 Oct 2010 07:04:02

I like to have leave wars with my frends.



Mon, 25 Oct 2010 07:07:27

I love to jump in the leaves in the fall.


Matteo Conigliaro

Mon, 25 Oct 2010 07:16:38

I love fall because I play lots of sports.



Tue, 26 Oct 2010 07:33:40

I love candy on Hallowen.I go trick or treting TWO times.Mrs,brown what are YOU going to be?Im being Jango fett.From Star Wars.I can't wait for Hallawen.


Thomas Stine

Wed, 27 Oct 2010 06:51:38

I love Fall so much to!!!I love just love to the park and jump in to leaf piles with my family.I love Fall!!!


Haley Triplett

Thu, 28 Oct 2010 14:50:40

My favorite thing to do in the fall
is to go trick or treating because you
get lotes of candy


Thomas Stine

Fri, 29 Oct 2010 04:54:42

I love to watch football games on tv. My favorite thing to do in fall is to jump in leaf piles. I really love fall.


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