Summer 2011 06/13/2011
Hello to the FOURTH graders who are reading this! Thank you for stopping by the blog site to give a few words of wisdom (advice) to my students next year. Remember that I must approve your post before you will see it (if I am on vacation this may be several days!). Please give them some advice helping them be ready for third grade- a few ideas would be advice about multiplication, tests, organization, specific subjects like writing or reading, or social advice about making friends and getting along.

Thanks for helping and remember to stop in and see me anytime :) Have a great year next year and enjoy your summer!

Mrs. Brown
No Title 11/02/2010
October 10/13/2010
I LOVE the fall! What is your favorite thing to DO during the fall months?

I know I am asking you to pick one, but I just love fall so much I have two! I love going to football games. I use to be a cheerleader in high school so I miss the Friday nights under the lights. I also love to hike and see all of the beautiful tree leaves change.
September 09/10/2010
School has just started! What is the one thing you miss the MOST about summer?

I miss sleeping in. I love not having to wake up until 9:00 am- it's great! Getting up at 6 AM is the worst part about the school year for me beacuse I am NOT a morning person (that is why you always see me drinking coffee!).
Summer Sun 08/10/2010
I have been thinking a lot about the sun lately because I can't decide if I love the sun or if I dislike the sun. It's great to have a beautiful day but with all of these heat waves, I have come to dread waking up to bright rays shining in my face, heating my room to an uncomfortable degree, and making me want to lie on my couch all day. The sun gives you light outside to run around and play, but it also can drain your energy.

What do YOU think about the summer sun?! Share your thoughts here by posting to our classroom blog!