Web Links

Below I have listed several links that I think would be great for parents or students to check out!

If you have any websites that you think would be helpful for me to post here, please email them to me at:

and I would love to take a look at them.
Student Web Links
1. www.funbrain.com
2. Math Games
3. Study Island- Math and reading assignments will be posted for students to complete during centers OR from home!
5. Continents and Oceans- great review games!
6. More continents and oceans
7. Madlibs- practice knowing your nouns, adjectives, and verbs while writing a funny story!
8. Fastt Math- Please complete to work on your facts
9. Google Mars
10. Create a Graph- a cool website that allows you to input data and create different types of graphs!
11. EBooks from Tumble Books- a great website where you can view books and also listen to audio copies of books!
12. Biographies- A great site to access Biographies! Use this site to help with your Ben Franklin Cross Word!
13. Wolfgang Website
14. Post Card Creator- a cool way to write a post card!
15. Bio Cube- An awesome website where you type in facts from a biography and then can print out a 3D cube to create.
16. Simple Machines Science Link
17. Glogster-A great website for you to make a digital poster! Remember, you need your username and password that I provided in class- it's written in your assignment book (4-29)!
Parent Web Links
1. Reading Rockets
Patricia Polacco
3. Seymour Simon
4. Margie Palatini
Math book- A link that will allow you to view and print pages from the student math book! A great tool for review!
6. Parent Conferences- Set up your parent conference online by clicking here!